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Head of the Droplet Laboratory

cejkova (ořez 215*215px)

Doc. Ing. Jitka Čejková, Ph.D.


 ◳ nina (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Nina Nováková

  • PhD student
  • Master thesis (2024): Effect of salts and pH on the formation, growth and morphological changes of myelin figures in the decanol – sodium decanoate system
  • Bachelor thesis (2022): Experimental study of the myelin figures growth

 ◳ eliska (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Eliška Paulíková

  • Master student
  • Bachelor thesis (2023): Study of translational and rotational motions of self-propelled chemical objects

 ◳ simona (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Simona Staňová

  • Master student
  • Bachelor thesis (2024): Preparation and characterization of core-shell polymer microparticles for encapsulation of microorganisms


 andoni (ořez 215*215px)

Andoni Aguirre

  • IAESTE student (Fall 2017)

 ◳ augustionova (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Adriana Augustínová

  • Bachelor thesis (2023): The controlled growth of chemical gardens from mixed liquid and solid seeds

 ◳ laura (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Laura Bábanová

  • Master thesis (2024): Functionalized polymer membranes for pesticide degradation

 ◳ blahusek (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Vojtěch Blahušek

  • Bachelor thesis (2022): Experimental study of mechanical properties of liquid marbles
linda (ořez 215*215px)

Linda Bondorf

  • IAESTE student (Fall 2018)
baris (ořez 215*215px)

Barış Çınar

  • Erasmus student (Winter 2018)
 ◳ cioban (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Ecaterina Laura Cioban

  • Erasmus student (Summer 2022)
 ◳ aygun (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Aygun Gasimova

  • Erasmus student (Summer 2023)
  ◳ icon (gif) → (ořez 215*215px)

Radek Chmelař

  • Bachelor thesis (2019): Use of artificial neural networks for description of behaviour of system of decanol droplets in decanoate solution
megan (ořez 215*215px)

Megan Jack

  • Erasmus student (Spring 2019)
  ◳ janska (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Petra Janská

  • Diploma thesis (2017): Synthesis and characterization of oil liquid marbles
  • Bachelor thesis (2014): Investigation of biologically triggered break-up of microparticles
  ◳ icon (gif) → (ořez 215*215px)

Ilgın Karakoç

  • Master student (2018)
 ◳ keller (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Fillip Keller

  •  Bachelor thesis (2021): Self-Rotation of Decanol Droplets
maku2 (ořez 215*215px)

Markéta Kubiková

  • Master thesis (2021): Microparticles with super-hydrophobic cores for bioapplications
 ◳ mathis (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Mathis Leemann

  • IAESTE student (Fall 2021)
 ◳ loustas (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

George Loustas

  • IAESTE student (Fall 2022)
 nikola (ořez 215*215px)

To Quyen Nguyenová 

  • Bachelor thesis (2015): Nebiologická chemotaxe - charakterizace systému dekanol-dekanoát-sůl

 ◳ theresa (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Theresa Noske

  • IAESTE student (Fall 2023)
matej (ořez 215*215px)

Matěj Novák

  • Bachelor thesis (2014): Investigation of non-biological chemotaxis
 ◳ ioannis (jpg) → (ořez 215*215px)

Ioannis Pantazos

  • IAESTE student (Fall 2021)
 ondra (ořez 215*215px)

Ondřej Rychecký

  • Master thesis (2016): Cultivation of Spheroids in Liquid Marbles
adam (ořez 215*215px)

Adam Sikorják

  • Highschool student (Fall 2018)
 sara (ořez 215*215px)

Sara Patricia Ferreira Da Silva

  • Erasmus student (Fall 2016)
jana (ořez 215*215px)

Jana Steinhauserová

  • Master student (2019)

 ◳ amandine (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Amandine St-Hilaire

  • IAESTE student (Spring 2024)
dominik (ořez 215*215px)

Dominik Švára

  • Master thesis (2018): Experimental study of decanol droplets pattern formation in electric field
  • Bachelor thesis (2016): Experimental study of decanol droplets pattern formation
 ◳ vaculik (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Jakub Vaculík

  • Master thesis (2023): Preparation and characterisation of liquid marbles containing wax melts
  • Bachelor thesis (2019): Experimental study of the effect of system composition on artificial chemotaxis of droplets
 ◳ dorota (png) → (ořez 215*215px)

Dorota Marie Walecka

  • IAESTE student (Summer 2023)


 taisuke (ořez 215*215px)

Taisuke Banno

  • Department of Applied Chemistry, Keio University, Yokohama, Japan
martin (ořez 215*215px)

Martin M. Hanczyc

  • Laboratory for Artificial Biology, Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO), University of Trento, Trento, Italy
 takashi (ořez 215*215px)

Takashi Ikegami

  • Department of General Systems Studies, University of Tokyo, Japan
  ◳ icon (gif) → (ořez 215*215px)

Karin Schwarzenberger

  • TU Dresden
 kasper (ořez 215*215px)

Kasper Stoy

  • ITU Copenhagen, Denmark
ferry (ořez 215*215px)

František Štěpánek

  • Head of the Chemical Robotics Laboratory
  • UCT Prague
 shinpei (ořez 215*215px)

Shinpei Tanaka

  • Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Hiroshima University, Japan

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Jitka Čejková

Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
Technická 3
166 28 Prague

(see map)

+420 220 444460


Want to join us?

We are always looking for motivated students at all levels – from 1st year undergraduate to PhD’s – to join our lab! Interested candidates, please apply directly to Jitka Čejková.


UCT Prague
Technická 5
166 28 Prague 6 – Dejvice
IČO: 60461373 / VAT: CZ60461373

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